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2016 Member Uploads

You can upload pictures to the gallery shown below. Please us the upload link at the very bottom on the page to add your own pictures. If this becomes too big, we may move items into other galleries. -Phil

Canada Day 2016

Opening Regatta 2016

Ready to Launch … or at least pretty close

Launch on 09-May and 10-May-2016.

The originals are higher resolution than those stored on this site. Should you wish to download and print, I recommend you visit my personal google drive by clicking here and download from that location.

Walk around the yard on 08-May-2016.

Emergency dock repair on 07-May-2016.

Launch meeting on 01-MAY-2016.

New dock construction on 03-APR-2016.

Dock launch on 25-APR-2016

Member’s Uploader

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Your picture will be added to the end of those already in the gallery.

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