May 11, 2013



Commodore                                                                Sean Milley (regrets)  

Vice Commodore                                                        Rick Jones                              

Vice Commodore, CFSA                                           Eric Hill (absent)                                

Rear Commodore SYC                                               Andrew Morrisey                               

Treasurer                                                                     Doug Caldwell

Director of Club Operations                                       Gerry Blackwood                              

Director of Communications & Marketing                 Clyde Hillier                          

Director of Membership                                              Sue Stainton

Director of Social                                                        Glenda Carson

Director of Training                                                    Claire Blight

Executive Secretary                                                    Andy Hart




Lyn Webber                Stephen Rowsell         Roger Patey                William Hebb

Michael Jessop            Doug Skinner              Gord Sears                  Joe Beck

Rick Taillieu                Norm Bewsher            Al Goodwin                Fred Rhese

Bob Sibley                  John Wynn                  Ed Morrisey                Kirk Arkinson

Brian Carson               Bob Latta                    Fred Louthers             Greg Grandy

Phil Young                  Todd Thompson          James Tirrul-Jones       Briann Smith

James McCarthy         Heinz Wiele                Rick Jones                   Andrew Morrisey

Doug Caldwell            Gerry Blackwood       Clyde Hillier               Sue Stainton

Glenda Carson                        Claire Blight                Andy Hart                   George Carson

Karen Donahue           Judy Hillier                 Marie-Lise Degenais   Jim Gaw




  1. Call to Order – Following the establishment of a Quorum, Rick Jones called the meeting 

                      to order.

–          Moved by Rick Taillieu, seconded by George Carson: that the minutes of the 2012 Fall Annual General Meeting be accepted as read


  1. Executive Reports – each committee member spoke to progress with their objectives.


Commodore – Rick Jones for Sean Milley

–          PSP made a payment to the outstanding SYC loan. Any further loan payment this year is unlikely due to budget cuts.

–          PSP is continuing to explore new sources of revenue through advertising and sponsorships

–          There have been intense negotiations with PSP over the past year to get things done.

–          The Mentorship Program had NO volunteers

–          Two new committees are needed.  One to explore alternate Launch and recovery options and one to rewrite the club constitution to incorporate recent NDHQ directives.


Vice Commodore – Rick Jones

–          Yard Clean-up – This project will begin soon.  Watch for email updates.

–          Zodiacs – Must have your PCOC to operate.  Report any defects to one of the maintenance people as soon as you notice.

–          Pilings have been fixed on the marinas.

–          Connors Diving will be surveying and repairing the mooring field this week.

–          Metal Buildings – Doug Skinner assessed these and found the frames to be in usable condition. The buildings must be moved.  On hold while PSP locates a sponsor

–          Albacore – to be repaired at Dartmouth Fiberglass.

–          Shearwater will be available for rental by members this year.

–          Clubhouse – PSP is trying to locate a sponsor for the required work.

–          Security – members are reminded the gate must be locked at night.

–          Vice Commodore CFSA (Military Liaison) – this position must be filled by a serving military member.  No interest.

–          Constitutional review is required to meet the new guidelines issued by NDHQ.  These are not changes we can vote on but have been imposed by NDHQ

–          Executive positions – Several of the Executive positions are coming up on two years or more.  We need volunteers to step up and fill some of these positions.  Nominations for ALL positions will be accepted and voted on during the Fall AGM.


Rear Commodore – Andrew Morrisey

–          Wednesday Night Race series begins May 22

–          First timer Monday Night series will run the month of June

–          Monday night Lady Skipper series will run the month of July

–          SYC opening Regatta will be June 22-23

–          Round the Island race June 29

–          SYC to Petpeswick Race July 20-21 (will also include a new inshore evening dinghy race)

–          Mini Tom Taylor 6 hour race July 27

–          Race the Cape (Bras d’Or) July 17-22

–          Mini Offshore Race August 24

–          Stru Bowl September 22

–          Check the website Race tab for all updates and timings

–          Summer cruise schedule to be posted on the Website.  Andy has picked 11 locations and is open to suggestions if there is somewhere people want to go.  Schedule will typically be 9:00am departures on Saturday, returning for 5:00pm on Sunday.  Longer trips of up to 4 days may also be planned if there is enough interest.


Director of Membership – Sue Stainton 

–          Current Membership Numbers – 103 Members, 82 boats

–          This is down significantly from the end of  last season but some of this can be explained by aging membership and boats that have been sold.  We are also comparing end of year numbers to beginning of year numbers.  At the Fall AGM we noted that there had been a significant increase in new members late in the year.  There has been a drop in crewing members this year to date, but that may increase after the racing season begins.



Director of Communications & Marketing – Clyde Hillier

–          Great job by James creating the new website

–          Working with PSP for support with advertising

–          SYC will have a booth at DND Family Days

–          SYC will be hosting Camp Hill veterans in July (date TBD) for a BBQ.  Sailing also if the veterans are up to it

–          Trying to add more military members

–          Working on a Business Plan

–          Exploring the option of an “Adopt a Ship” program

–          Any ideas from the membership should be put in writing and forwarded to the executive


Director of Training – Claire Blight

–          We have made offers to two instructors for the upcoming season.

–          We will run both youth and adult programs again this year

–          Both Dinghy and Keel Boat will be offered

–          Volunteers are always needed to help with training related items

–          Boat prep and maintenance must be done to the 420’s and Shearwater

–          The sail shed needs to be cleaned up

–          Training will be a topic at DND Family Days

–          For regattas, help is needed with the transportation of the boats, and chaperones are required for the youth regattas.


Director of Social – Glenda Carson

–          Working closely with the communications director to reach the membership wrt social events.

–          Implemented the social calendar developed at the beginning of the year

–          Working within the business plan to ensure the kitchen is developed and maintained as a full function facility with the required amenities

–          Working with the Rear Commodore to support the social aspect of racing.

–          A brief outline of the winter social program was presented.


Director of Club Operations – Gerry Blackwood

–          Looking to increase club rentals for private functions in 2013/2014.

–          Last year had a full calendar with some very profitable events

–          Kit Shop – sourcing out suppliers for jackets, t-shirts, kit bags, hoodies, pins, knives all with club logo.  Input is requested from the membership.

–          Club Burgees have arrived and sell for $20 + tax.

–          If you wish to request different items at the bar, please email Gerry



Treasurer – Doug Caldwell

–          New budget has been provided by PSP.

–          The major item to note is that at present we have unencumbered cash in the amount of $40,000.

–          All expenses moving forward must be paid with cash.  There will be no more loans.

–          No monies have yet been assigned to any of this year’s capital projects.

–          We currently have an outstanding debt of $13,500.  PSP “may” pay this off.


Yard Guy – George Carson

–          Launch schedule has been posted.

–          Big boats May 13

–          Small boats May 14-15

–          Mast crane is not to be used during launch times

–          5-6 people are required per boat



  1. New Business

–          Volunteers needed for two committees

–          Alternative launch and recovery methods.

–          Jim Gaw has volunteered to chair a committee to investigate alternatives to launch and recovery and present his findings at the Fall AGM.

–          Clyde Hillier has volunteered to chair a committee to amend the constitution to conform to the directive on Special Interest Activity Clubs IAW CF Regulations


  1. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 1630.