Membership Application Form

Please follow the steps below to fill in and submit your application form for SYC for 2024.

Please choose the correct form. See below for the criteria for the various member types.




Suggestion is to use a computer with a recent browser (Chrome, Firefox, MS EDGE and not a tablet or mobile device for filling out the form.   You must complete any fields marked with a RED ASTERISK.

You can use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons at the bottom of each section of the form to go between the pages. You can also SAVE your form mid-way if you need to grab some additional information. Finally, hit SUBMIT when you have finished to complete the form on the last page once you have electronically signed the application form.

Access to PSP with the CAF Community is provided by A-PS-110-001/AG-002 to the beneficiaries of the NPP Eligibility Matrix (Annex A) listed below as:

Regular Members:
a. Members of the Regular Force and their families
b. Veterans and their families
c. Members of the Reserve Force (Class A/B and C) and their families
d. Members of Foreign Military currently serving/training with the CAF in Canada

Ordinary Members:
e. Current full-time and part-time employees if DND, DRDC, DCC, CSE, the
Staff of the Non Public Funds and their families and the MFRCs
f. Current RCMP and Canadian Coast Guard and their families
g. Honorary Colonels/ Captain (Navy) and Honorary LieutenantColonels/Commanders and their families
h. Former members of (e), (f) in receipt of a pension

Associate Members:
i. All others that choose to join