Big Boat Launch 2015

May 19, 2015 all-day America/Halifax Timezone
Shearwater Yacht Cub
Todd Thompson

Will be launched by AW Liell again.  Ace Cranes was going to do it, but for reasons unknown to me committed the 120 ton crane we had hoped to use to another job for the launch dates.  As you know Liell is good, but expensive, so ensure there are no delays, that you are here for at the latest 0830.  The crane should arrive at about 0900, maybe a little earlier, lend a hand to rig the crane so we can get going.  At least two lines rigged, one at the bow, one at the stern.  If we have high winds, two at each. We will have at least one Zodiac manned in case someone needs to be towed (indicate that on the launch sign up sheet at the bar)  Put your boats name on the list at the bar so I know who wants to be launched.  As usual the upfront fee of 200.00 must be paid in full, and all outstanding debts to the club paid or no tickee.  Deposit for the launch must be paid by  May 18th for big boats and Pat will take cash, cheque ,debit or credit cards.

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