Launch Dates – Docks and Boats

In view of the upcoming event in early June (International race) and the desired earlier start to our race season our launch dates have been moved up. 

The docks will be launched on the 06 May (will need 10 – 12 volunteers).

The boats will be launched now on the 14th and maybe 15th May

We normally do launch close to those dates, this year we were planning on doing it later in the month to allow for all the docks to be ready for launch and use (main docks of the North system all need backing plates installed on the cleats).  John and his crew are confident that they can have them ready before the 6th of May. 

The 50T boom will be at the club 0900 on 06 May to start putting the docks in.

The 300T will be in the yard on the 13th, set up and ready to lift on the morning of the 14th.   As always, boats launching off their trailers can go in as soon as moorings or docks are available.  By moving the dates back, people will have more time to get their masts in and rigged  and give a couple of weeks more sailing time for those who don’t mind the rotten weather normal in May.


PSP Information

CANADIAN FORCES Morale and Welfare Services

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) is responsible for administering Non-Public Property (NPP) on behalf of the Chief of the Defence Staff and for delivering selected public morale and welfare programs, services, and activities to eligible members and their families on behalf of the Chief of Military Personnel.

With over 5,000 Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces employees on bases, wings, units, and at headquarters in Ottawa, CFMWS operates with a fundamental principle in mind: the customer comes first. In partnership with bases, wings, and units, we ensure that our customers, the CAF Regular and Reserve Force members, retired and former CAF members, military families, Department of National Defence employees, NPF employees, and RCMP personnel, receive the morale and welfare programs, services, and activities they deserve.