Club Menus

Meals are offered every Friday evening that the bar is open.  Depending on the season these may be a full menu barbeque or a home style meal put together by volunteer member hosts. For all Friday night meals, the bar opens at 6 pm and the meals are usually ready for 6:30 pm.  The BBQ is “self-cooking”, but there is usually someone around to give you a hand if grilling is not your forte.

Reservations for all Friday night meals are encouraged by Wednesday evening and can be left at 469-8590. Just leave a message stating your name and number of meals required.  Please do not reserve by email..

Children under 12 eat for 1/2 price; children under six eat for free.

And remember: Even if you do not wish to take part in the meal, come on down to the club anyway. Eating is not a requirement for enjoying yourself at SYC. Time with good friends is a grand way to unwind and enjoy life.

 Friday Night BBQ 

(offered May to November)

 BBQ Steak: $12.00

BBQ Salmon, Chicken Breast, Beef or Chicken Kabobs : $10.00

 Sausage  $5.00

Hamburger: $5.50

 Hot Dog: $2.50

  All entrées include a side salad, potatoes, roll and dessert

We also add variety to the menu throughout the summer such as offering the occasional BBQ ribs, corn boil or surf and turf.  Watch the social e-news for information.

Drop-in patrons can be accommodated until 9 pm.  We cannot guarantee the full menu but there will always be the main items for you to BBQ.  The cost will be prorated in relation to the menu items available.

If you would like to attend but can’t make 6:30, just let us know and we will ensure there is food saved for you.

 Wednesday Race Night BBQ

A Wednesday night BBQ offered during the racing season.

Hamburgers – $3.00

 Sausages: $2.00

Hot dogs: 1.00

 Toonie Burger Deal

Available whenever the bar is open on the weekends from April to November

Hamburgers:  $2.00

Hot Dogs:  $1.00

  Winter Friday Night Meals

Our winter Friday night meals have become a tradition at SYC as our ” L’Ordre de Bon Temps”, helping people get through the winter doldrums. The meals are put on every Friday from January to the end of March by club members, family and friends.  Following is some information that may help to entice potential chefs when the winter season is upon us:

  • You don’t have to be a boat owner.
  • You can have an advance to cover the cost of purchasing food so you don’t have to put out your own money.
  • The menu can be of your choice – it does not have to be “fancy food” or labour intensive meals. “Down-home cooking” is much appreciated at SYC.
  • There will be help with cleaning up.
  • You have a first class kitchen to work in if you wish to create your meal at the club.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Most people put on meals as a group. Just let Pat know if you are looking for partners.
  • This counts as a volunteer activity for the club as this is an important part of the winter social scene at SYC.





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