Monday Night Training With George and Jim in June

On Monday, June 12th at 1830 hours, a crew assembled on the South Dock eagerly anticipating words of wisdom from the master himself, George Carson, and his first mate, Jim Gaw. Under the tutelage of these seafaring veterans, we were well rewarded for our attention. The secrets of successful sailing were carefully shared with one and all.

The attentive nautical cadets learned about:

  1. common sailboat terms
  2. how to raise the mainsail
  3. getting the jib unfurled
  4. how to read the telltales correctly
  5. effective trimming on a beat
  6. how to get the boat going on a run
  7. tips and tricks for setting the boat correctly on a reach
  8. putting the boat away for the night

Brian Fry graciously provided his Tanzer 31 for the training. If you need any tips on how to make your boat look great, make Brian your first stop. 

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