Bi-Laws Updated – 2018

The latest copy of the Bi-Laws have been released for your review, and ideally you would take the time to review them annually.   The changes from 2017 are summarized by maximum vessel size, and “vessel size” is found in 2 sections only; 

  1. Mooring field

    1. The Vice Commodore will assign moorings in accordance with the weight, windage, draft and length of the vessel. Due to structural limitations, maximum vessel dimensions for the mooring field are 38 ft (58 m) LOA, 14 ft (4.27 m) beam and 20,000 lbs/9071.84 kg).


  2. Storing Vessels

    Maximum Size

    Due to available storage space and lift capacity, the upper limit on yacht dimensions for storage shall be 38 ft LOA (58 m) in length, 14 ft (4.27 m) beam and 20,000 lbs (9071.84 kg) 


SYC By-Laws-updated February 5 2018