Friday Night Dinner – January 12.

To kick off our winter social calendar, George Carson has offered to host this evening with his very popular Shepherd’s Pie, side salad and dessert. So come on down and enjoy some good food and excellent company.

The cost of the dinner will be $10.00 per person; children under 12 eat for 1/2 price; children under 6 eat for free.  Please reserve by Thursday, January 11 @ noon at 902-469-8590.

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This will also be our nostalgia night where we feature pictures of events and people from 2017.  If you have some pictures you would like to share of your good times on the water or enjoying SYC events please send them to Glenda Carson at  by Thursday, January 4th.

And of course, this will be our first night of our BBR (Beer Bottle Racing) winter series.  You don’t need to be an experienced sailor to take part in the game.  While the main objective is to have fun, this is also a good chance to practice sailing tactics, strategies and to learn the rules of the road when you are on the water.  We always have a core group of regular BBR sailors but drop in players are always welcome and make the series competition that much more fun.

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SYC Winter L’Ordre de Bon Temps (Order of Good Cheer)

Don’t Suffer the Winter Blahs

Our boats may be out of the water and you may be tempted to just curl up at home and dream of warm days to come. But at SYC winter does not get us down.

Our winter Friday night meals have become a tradition at SYC as our ” L’Ordre de Bon Temps”, helping people get through the winter doldrums. The meals are put on Friday nights  from January to the end of March by club members, family and friends.  Following is some information that may help to entice potential chefs when the winter season is upon us:

  • You don’t have to be a boat owner.
  • You can have an advance to cover the cost of purchasing food so you don’t have to put out your own money.
  • The menu can be of your choice – it does not have to be “fancy food” or labour intensive meals. “Down-home cooking” is much appreciated at SYC.
  • There will be help with cleaning up.
  • You have a first class kitchen to work in if you wish to create your meal at the club.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Most people put on meals as a group. Just let Pat know if you are looking for partners.
  • This counts as a volunteer activity for the club as this is an important part of the winter social scene at SYC.

And of course, we will be offering BBR (Beer Bottle Racing).   While the main objective is to have fun, this is also a good chance to practice sailing tactics, strategies and to learn the rules of the road when you are on the water.

So consider signing up to host a meal by leaving your name and potential date with Pat at 469-8590.  Stay tuned for more information on our complete winter social program.

Constitution & By-Laws

Use the links in this article to view the SYC Constitution and By-Laws approved as of December, 2016.

Click on the PDF image to the right to view the most recent version of the Constitution dated December 2016.
Click on the PDF image to the right to view the most recent version of the Bi-Laws proposed November 2015 and approved December 2016.

2017 Membership Information

Click to fill out the 2017 Membership ApplicationIt is once again time to fill out your application.

The form is in digital form and can be found on the club’s website. The Waiver is also included on the form and all you’ll need to do to sign it is to put the check in the box and pick the date you are filling the form.

1. MOORING FIELD OR MARINA BERTH: If you wish to moor your boat the same way you did last year (summer storage, mooring field, or marina berth) fill out the form as such. If you haven’t already told Pat you want to make a change from the mooring field or summer storage to a dock, call her right away and she will put you on the waiting list for a dock, and fill out the form as if you were getting a mooring like last year. If you are assigned a dock, you will then be required to pay the difference. Please note that marinas are assigned every year as per club constitution and just because you had one last year does not guarantee that you are getting one this year.

2. PAYMENT PLAN: If you wish to use the payment plan you must bring your application form to Pat at the office no later than 26 March. As in previous years you will need a check for $82.00 (covers the bar levy, gift fund and Sail Nova Scotia fee) and a void check.

4. INSURANCE POLICIES: Please ensure that your insurance policy is up to date and that you have provided a copy of the proof of insurance to the office. Failure to maintain adequate insurance may result in cancellation of membership and removal of your boat from club property. You may have your insurance company e-mail or fax your proof of insurance directly to the office.

5. PAYMENT DUE DATE: Payments can be made at any time after you have sent your application. Payments can be made by cheque, Credit Card or Debit at the club office. All payments are due on 1 April. Interest may be charged on overdue account. Furthermore, you may lose your marina berth if your account is not paid in full.

Rick Jones
Vice Commodore SYC

Free Berthing Pass for Halifax, Bedford and Lunenburg Waterfronts

Click for the brochure about the Halifax WaterfrontPick up your free daytime berthing pass at Halifax Marina Waterfront Office on Sackville Wharf (near the Wave sculpture), visit, scroll down and register your boat using the number on the pass, peel the decal from the packaging and apply it to a window on your boat.

For more information on Waterfront Development Marina Services:


Lots of Pictures from Work Parties and Launch

IMG_0620You can find hundreds of new pictures in the members’ Photo Gallery. You must login to access the Photo Gallery.

You’ll also find links to the high definition versions of the same pictures along with several which were not added to the club’s web site. Enjoy and if you wish to download any of the pictures, feel welcome to do so.

Note: Since many members appear in the pictures, if you plan to download and re-post somewhere (like Facebook), you might double-check that those in the picture of agreeable.

Click to play the yard trailer clipFor those who have never seen our new yard trailer in action, here’s a short 5-minute video clip we created during the launch. We plan to create more over the next few months as training materials.

Regards, Phil O’Hara (

How to Setup Your Bridles

Dear members

Bill Stanbrook, a long time Mooring Ball dweller, came up with a system that worked for him to keep bridles from getting wrapped up around the ball/chain:

Here’s what he said:

“What I found was by securing a float to the bridles near as possible to the mooring connection keeps upward pressure in the mooring lines and keeps them from wrapping around the mooring. The extra floats keep the line from wrapping around also. The float were bought at Spartan and a slot cut to get both lines through then the piece fitted back in. I just fastened it in place with rope. The whole rig worked well and no more problems with the bridles wrapping and chafing on the mooring.”


See Pictures below.

IMG_20160501_082354 IMG_20160501_082407 IMG_20160501_082414 IMG_20160501_082426